Lots of people would love to have a bigger home and if you have a big home or can afford a big home congratulations! Whilst people often hope for a large home, there are a wide variety things to consider about having a big home when it comes to your interior décor, that you may not have considered, most usual interior design practices are meant to be applied to small to medium sized homes rather than larger homes, as small and medium sized homes are far more common than larger homes, due to the costs associated with larger homes.

So to avoid you getting caught out on some of the unexpected downsides of big properties, we have this handy guide looking at some of the negative sides of owning a large home so you can prepare and budget for the hidden décor downsides related to a big home.

You’ll Struggle To Find Some Home Furnishings The Right Size

Starting off with this interior design faux pas, often when you have a large home, it can be hard to find furnishings that are made big enough to fit well around the home, an example of this is blinds, most blinds companies have a maximum size for how big they can make their product, meaning you’ll struggle to find some products for your home. Sure you can find some companies that can supply made to measure blinds and other furnishings. But it can still be hard to find nice furnishings that are the correct size for your home.

A way around this would be to have bespoke furnishings and furniture made, so that you have appropriate sized items, but obviously getting bespoke items made can be a lot more costly than buying items off of the shelf, so unless you can find specialists that make large furnishings, prepare to spend a lot of money furnishing your home.

Decorating A Large Home Gets Expensive Quickly

Decoration and renovation can be expensive even in small homes, so if you have a large home, the cost of decorating and renovating can quickly skyrocket to a high amount. For things like repainting a room, in a normal house you may need half a tin of paint, but in a particularly large home, you could end up using multiple tins in each room due to the size of walls.

Then you have to consider the cost of decoration, while in a small or medium home you can get by with some hanging art, a few houseplants and some trinkets on a shelf, a big home will need a lot more decoration it to fill rooms with character, so unless you’re aiming for a minimalist look in your large home, you’ll need a sizable decoration budget to correctly decorate your new home.

Getting The Balance Of Design Right Is Hard

In a large home, design mistakes will always stick out like a sore thumb, while in a smaller home they can be obscured and covered up by other design elements, but in a large home where there is a lot of space, it’s easy to notice mistakes as design elements and décor pieces tend to be spread out.As well there’s a fine balance between having a design philosophy and completely missing the mark, if you want a maximalist look your run the risk of over cluttering your home and just making it look like a cluttered mess as you scramble to fill space and conversely if you want a minimalist view, you have to be very tempered as being too minimalist will make your home look cold and unwelcoming and not enough minimalism will end up with your home looking strange.