A fireplace serves as the heart of a home. It can make a room look cozy, warm, and sophisticated. However, designing can be a daunting task with many styles, colors, and materials in the market.If you need some inspiration, check out these celebrity fireplaces such as Selena Gomez’s. Below are eight tips to guide you through designing the perfect fireplace.

Be Creative with the Materials

A large marble fireplace is breathtaking, but don’t be discouraged if it’s not within your budget. Elegant fireplaces are not only made of marble. There’s a wide variety of materials you can choose from stone, bricks, cement. The use of natural materials makes you feel the room’s richness, even when there isn’t much in it. Go for a stone that fits your budget and complements your space.

Also, molding around a fireplace gives the room texture, depth, and character. So, consider adding molding that will make your fireplace a spectacular focus in the room.

Add Décor to your Mantel

The mantel shelf is ideal for adding decor. You can draw attention to your fireplace by placing artwork, a mirror, vases, pottery, or a clock. Either hang your favorite pieces of artwork on the wall or tilt them on the shelf’s base. Depending on your preference, go for either a simple or an overcrowded mantle. For an eclectic look, overlap three or more small paintings.

You can also use decorative items of varying heights to gain more visual interest. Experiment with different objects in different locations. If you decide to do this, ensure to decorate your shelf with pieces that complement each other. Showcase your personality while taking advantage of this decorative space in your home.

Pick a Theme

If you’re having trouble finding the right fireplace decor, come up with a theme and stick to it. You can create a retro theme by decorating using antique objects or sticking to the same color tone.

Strike a Balance

If your fireplace was split through the center, how would it look? Would it be balanced? While your fireplace decor doesn’t have to be symmetrical, find a point of balance — for example, use vases of similar style and color but different shapes for cohesion. Also, use decor pieces that do not overwhelm the rest of the room.

Keep your room’s style in Mind

Choosing the material, color, and decor pieces for your fireplace can be challenging. While it all depends on you, the fireplace exterior should match the existing elements in the room. For example, a sophisticated mantel shelf does not suit a minimalist living room. Therefore, when choosing all that entails a fireplace, tie it to the room’s overall design. Ensure everything complements the look of your home.


Ambient lighting can elevate the style of your fireplace. Use candles or wall lamps above the mantle to up the cozy feel.

Make it the Focal Point

Making your fireplace the focal point involves re-positioning all your furniture. You can place one sofa facing the fireplace. Or two sofas perpendicular to the fireplace but facing each other with a coffee table at the center. Ensure that the furniture is at least 3 feet away from the fireplace. Otherwise, the heat can cause a fire.

Seek Professional Advice

Most people envision their ideal fireplace but struggle in bringing it to fruition. If you have this problem, seek professional advice. By hiring an expert, you are assured of the perfect fireplace size and design for your home.


Choosing the perfect fireplace means more than just preparing for winter. It also means selecting a fireplace that will enhance your room’s interior design all year long. So, consider the above tips when upgrading or installing your fireplace. You can also have professional help with the design and installation. They will inquire about your taste and preferences to ensure the job is done to your satisfaction.