Fail: J.Loves a J.Lo Rom-Com.

It has been almost four years since. Jennifer Lopez starred in and produced Second ActAnd she’s making a welcome return to the genre. Get married to me, which is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock. We might be tempted to say that we have been waiting all night for this moment (oh! It’s been so long.

Director: Kat Coiro, the movie tells the story of Kat Valdez, a musical icon who is planning to marry her partner Bastian (Maluma() during a sold out concert that was being streamed live around the world. She discovers she has been cheated on just before she is about to perform. Enter stage-center: Owen Wilson as high school math teacher Charlie Gilbert, who is holding a hand-crafted sign that reads “marry me.” Kat, devastated by his offer, accepts it. 

Charming, charming and classic Get married to meThis is one of our favourite rom-coms, starring Lopez. It also features a list of brand new music by Maluma and the star. The movie gods sometimes give with both hands. It’s her greatest movie ever! Let’s see what it compares toMonster-in-Law, Maid in ManhattanYes, you can even! GigliLopez’s Romantic Comedies Over the Years.