Flavortown is offering sweet flavors to everyone during Super Bowl Weekend.

As the NFL season comes to an abrupt halt on February 13, Guy Fieri is preparing to go big when it comes to game day food and beverages. He’s not only making his Super Bowl appearance in Bud Light Seltzer’s commercial; he’s also taking part in the 2022 Players Tailgate Los Angeles.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “You won’t find better food at Super Bowl than what you’ll get with this event.” “You’ll see everything from seafood to amazing steak sandwich burgers, pizza—everything made at the next level. Simply looking at the seafood raw bar is amazing. “Everybody is a professional.”

Only a few people can enjoy the world-class cuisine of top chefs, Antonia Lofasa, Michael Voltaggio Aaron May, Guy has some tips for all cooks ready to serve up some good food during the biggest game of the year.