8. Sasha PieterseShe would become Alison DiLaurentis’s character. This is very closeHanna was just 12 when she got the part. “I was aware of what Hanna would do, and I was like, “Do we really want a 12-year old doing these things?” King said. King spoke out in an interview. Variety. They are also limited in their hours of work for children under 16. That’s why we called her Alison. Alison read to her with several of the other girls. She was several years younger than everyone else, but it didn’t matter because she scared everybody.

9. Ashley Benson was the last of the four main actors cast, with King revealing to Variety“I recall her being in tears when she came in for an audition. She was on a show called EastwickAnd she just discovered it was cancelled. So she came to audition.

King said, “We knew that we needed a blonde to play this role, because we had not cast Alison and we didn’t have any blondes in our show.” It was difficult to find the right person, but she was there. She is just so magical with the camera and her beautiful eyes. In the room, we knew that Hanna was our Hanna.”