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“I thought I would make it to the top, but then, of course, things got out of control. Nick explained that I became depressed over the loss of my son. The thing is that everyone saw me so depressed and was happy to give him a vagina. “That’s going to cure it all. 

He said, “I was weak and fell prey to it.” 

Nick said that he had been celibate about “a month, and a quarter strong” adding “I was trying hard to do it!” It was a different show for me, with new energy. There were a lot of things I needed to deal with.  

Nick refused to say he would give up on his life. Nick said that he feels like he’ll live the same lifestyle his whole life. He is very content with this. “I have more platonic friendships than I do with women.  

Nick stated that more than anything, Nick likes “being alone” over “being with others.” He also said, “I value being by myself.” “I like my privacy.” 

It Drumline Actor also said that each woman in his life has different relationships. It’s not the same. He shared that it was a spiritual connection to him. You’ll be in sync and connected with others at different levels. 

“I don’t want pointless sex. I’m at an important point in my adult life. It has to have something. He said that we need to be at a certain emotional and spiritual level. “And that’s probably how it ends up with children because I don’t interact with anyone that I don’t have a real love. I just want to create something together.”