You don’t want to sleep with a heavy heart. It won’t be easy to put yourself to sleep under that condition. It’s also a risk since you might have nightmares. If you couldn’t sleep well, it will affect your mood the following day. If you couldn’t get rid of these negative thoughts, you should remember these tips.

Watch a funny video

The last thing that you saw before you go to bed will create a lasting impression in your mind. Make sure it’s something funny and light-hearted. If you can find YouTube videos that will make you laugh or an episode of your favourite comedy show, it’s an excellent idea. However, if you don’t want to use electronic devices before you go to bed, reading a funny quote from a magazine or book would help. 

Create a diary

When you were younger, you loved writing a diary. However, since you were too busy with work, you became too lazy. It might be time to do a diary again. You don’t need to write everything in detail. It’s enough for you to express how you feel during that day. Releasing negative energy will help you forget terrible thoughts. 


Meditation also helps to calm down. It allows you to forget everything around you and focus on yourself. Whether you have heard terrible news stories or found out that something bad has happened to someone you know you have to try to forget them. Meditating can be difficult at first, but you will learn how to do it with constant practice. You can also put on mellow music to put you in a mood to meditate. 

Talk to a friend

If you still have a hard time going to bed, you might want to talk to your friend. Look for someone whom you can be confident with and is available whenever you need help. You need this person to share what you feel and allow you to release negative emotions. Your friend might not give the best advice, but having someone listen to you is good enough.

Have a steam bath

Bathing at least an hour before you go to bed helps you relax. When you’re in the bathroom, you’re alone, and you forget everything else. If something wrong happened at work, you might think about it for a while, and forget it. Your bathing time is just for you. Don’t let anything bother you while you relax inside the shower. You can also install steam showers to improve your bathing experience. Once you step out of the bathroom, you are ready to go to bed.

Say something good to yourself

Everyone needs motivation. If you can’t get it from others, you should get it from yourself. It’s even more critical when you live alone. You can’t rely on anyone else to make you feel good. Be your own cheerleader.

Hopefully, these tips will help you go to bed with a positive feeling and get REM sleep. You don’t want to keep having trouble sleeping since it could be a long-term problem.