Molekule Air

Are you concerned about the quality of the air inside your home? Are you worried about viruses and bacteria in the air? Do you just prefer clean smelling air? Molekule air purification devices can give you all of that and more. These devices have quickly become a favorite of celebrities in the United States and abroad. 

What Is a Molekule Device?

Molekule devices are compact, self-contained air purification systems that don’t simply collect pollutants and germs; according to the company, they also destroy them. These devices are effective against a wide range of particles, bacteria, and pathogens, from viruses to mold spores. They even help destroy things like the smell of burnt food. Instead of HEPA filters, they use Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) to destroy pathogens and particles in the air. According to the company, PECO “involves shining light onto a filter membrane that has been coated with proprietary nanocatalyst, triggering a reaction that breaks down pollutants.”

The sleek, attractive Molekule devices sit on the floor or a shelf and coordinate with almost any design style. Unlike many other home air purifiers, Molekule devices are very quiet. The devices are portable, so you can use them in your Airbnb rental or in a cabin in the woods. The filters are easy to change; you just open the device and swap a new one for the used one.

Molekule consumer devices come in two sizes, the Molekule Air for rooms of up to 600 square feet and the smaller Air Mini and Air Mini+ for rooms up to 250 square feet.

Celebrities Who Love Their Molekule Devices

Molekule devices have become a fast favorite among celebrities, from movie stars to your favorite recording artists. Even royalty has jumped on the Molekule bandwagon. Here’s what a few celebrities are saying about their Molekule devices:

  • Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece told Vanity Fair magazine that her Molekule device was her favorite new addition to her home.
  • Supermodel Kate Upton told The Wall Street Journal that her Molekule device is indispensable and part of her “favorite gear.”
  • “Dancing with the Stars” alum Derek Hough told New York Magazine that his Molekule device is one of the things that he can’t live without. Says Hough, “When I came across the Molekule, it was fantastic because it cleans up the air in my house tremendously; I noticed a difference right away.”
  • Bobby Berk, best known for appearing on the reality television show “Queer Eye,” is a self-described clean freak. He loves his Molekule devices and told Glamour magazine, “Not only do they clean the air really well, but they’re so beautiful.”
  • Comedian Beck Bennett is another Molekule device aficionado. He recently posted an SNL skit paying homage to the Architectural Digest home tours on YouTube, and you can see his Molekule Air situated in the corner of his living room.
  • Actor Ronan Rubenstein is the star of one of TV’s most recent hits, “911 Lone Star.” He’s also a vegan and a self-described health nut. Clean air is important to him, as he told the Los Angeles Times recently. Says Rubenstein, “I have a really high-tech Molekule purifier that I keep in the dining room. It’s extremely important to me because now, more than ever, the air we breathe is so important.”
  • Actress Liz Hernandez posted a photo with her Molekule device on her Instagram page with the caption: “destroys bacteria, mold, viruses, and airborne chemicals.”

It’s not just celebrities who are talking about Molekule devices. Popular Science magazine named the devices among its “10 Best Inventions of the Year” in 2017 and Time magazine included the devices on its list of “25 Best Inventions of the Year” in 2017. The device was also a finalist at the SXSW 2017 Interactive Innovation Awards for Health, Med, & Biotech.

Of course, no Molekule review would be complete without mentioning where you can purchase your own Molekule device or devices. Molekule devices and replacement filters are available on