SickoScientist mode.

Travis ScottHe was an active teacher and showed his daughter, aged 4, how to teach himStormi Webster how to do a volcano science project, as seen in a July 14 TikTok shared to mom Kylie Jenner‘s page. 

Travis led Stormi through her first step. He said, “Water in there!” Scientist Stormi then added several drops of food coloring to the mixture inside the volcano—but they weren’t done yet.

Stormi stopped just before Stormi added the final ingredient to her concoction.

“Wait. What is it called inside the volcano?” Travis asked, to which Stormi responded, “Magma.”

Travis asked his daughter what magma is once it has left the volcano. She confidently replied, “Hotlava!”

Stormi laughed as Travis giggled, while Travis exclaimed, “Ooooooh!” when “hotlava” came out of the volcano kit.

Although this is Stormi’s first TikTok science project, it’s far from her debut with the app. Stormi is a regular guest in TikTok posts by her mother and she recently made her first TikTok.