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If your home is in need of a refresh, Tyler CameronWe can all relate. HomeGoods recently helped him renovate his Jupiter home. Recently, Bachelorette CelebHomes alum said, “My house required some renovations.” My living room was in dire need of a jolt of life. The partnership provided it. The before and after pictures are clear. The original design was simple, bland, and very basic. The place is vibrant and active now.

Tyler, after the renovation, said his friends were “talking about it so often,” adding, “Now, all of them love hanging out there.” It’s a place where people come together five to seven times a week. All of them are there. Tyler transformed Tyler’s living space with HomeGoods products. 

Tyler used HomeGoods Dream Vibes, where customers can tell Tyler about their dreams and answer multiple questions. The algorithm then uses those inputs to identify the decor elements, colors and shapes that will work best for you. His favorite interior design items were also shared by him.