Kendall Jenner is getting some R&R after a busy month. 

The model shared several snapshots of her tropical vacation on July 14, giving fans an inside look at her relaxing retreat. 

Captioning a gallery with the heart hands emoji, Kendall posted photos of herself on the beach at sunset, splashing in the ocean waves and tanning on a yacht with content creator Lauren Perez.

Based on the pics, Kendall’s getaway was also filled with off-roading adventures, ripe papayas, waterfall hikes and plenty of 818 Tequila, as she shared a shot of her packed ice chest. 

The vacation she took is less than a year after her last visit to a trusted source. The Kardashians star told CelebHomes News that she and boyfriend Devin Booker had split after two years together. According to an insider, “Kendall & Devin went through a difficult time recently.” They felt like they were not aligned, and they realized that they had very different lives.