This is not the first time we have heard about a strict librarian.

Take a peek at the episode May 8, 2008 of Riverdale, the group gets together to discuss the extreme lengths Percival Pickens is using to threaten the local library.

Jughead (author): Percival’s actions have a purpose.Cole Sprouse) says. Books encourage ideas and freedom of thought. To would-be dictators, they are terrifying. Percival can be followed by people who stop thinking, dreaming, and reading.

Still, his methods seem a bit extreme—even for him.

“Shaking us to the ground for library books that are overdue with goons or guns?” BettyLili Reinhart) asks. “What’s so special about your books?”

Jughead believes that an unreturned book is not the most important deal anywhere in the world. 

He tells them that some states view the refusal to return library book collections as theft. It’s a problem because several books of the group have gone missing.