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Ultimatum‘s Madlyn BallatoriAnd Colby Kissinger You can find it here Their baby girl was welcomed into this world by her parents. This baby is their first in the franchise. The pair took to Instagram to announce the exciting news.

Madlyn wrote on May 5: “Baby Girl is perfectly healthy. We will bring her home tomorrow.” “We have been laying in bed at the hospital trying to relax and think about this wonderful gift.

In an interview with CelebHomes News, the couple previously shared information about their baby. 

Madlyn said that she was expecting a baby within a month back in April to CelebHomes. “I’m 35 weeks pregnant. “We’re expecting a child, and we are taking on the world together. “We couldn’t be more happy.”

Colby replied, “It is going fast!” 

Madlyn said that they found out three months later that they had been pregnant. Madlyn explained that “the show ended in May” and “I got pregnant in august.”

The minimum of one member must Ultimatum crew attended their baby shower, Madlyn also shared.