Do as the Belgians when you’re in Belgium!

Gabby WindeyCelebHomes News has an exclusive peek at CelebHomes News’ Aug. 8 episode. Bachelorette

Gabby says that “my guys are quite competitive”, so she has a surprise in store for them.

That can be repeated. 

A giant man is seen emerging from a Belgian riverside bar and this is when the fun begins. It gets even more fishy as Erich explains, “Out of nowhere, this big, burly Belgian guy brings out these two buckets of fish.” It’s just one way you can make an impression.

Erich is chosen from the group and invited to a contest with the giant Belgian. It begins with an informal game of rock paper scissors. So far, it’s been easy. 

Erich loses his game with rock, paper and scissors, so he is thrown in the face by a cold, fishy predator. It’s hard to hate when this happens.