Name your dogs when you own them Mary KateAnd AshleyIf you feel right, then you already know it.

Molly NovakMaya RudolphJohn Novak’s husband has given her a check in the amount of $1 billion to throw a party.Adam Scott() In this exclusive clip taken from the series’ premiere Loot, dropping June 24 on Apple TV+.

Molly is accompanied by Nicholas, her assistant while touring party spacesJoel Kim BoosterShe tells her that this pool is the largest on the whole ship. “I’m embarrassed that you have to see it.”

Molly is a chill, despite her apparent wealth and power.

Nicholas is told by her, “No, it’s cute.” This pool could be used by someone special. It would be perfect for the dogs. Do you think Mary Kate or Ashley would enjoy this pool, Sweetie?

John, who is very disoriented, does his best to take care of himself, saying “Yeah! Looks great!” However, he cannot look away from his smartphone.

“Seriously. Are you actually listening?” Molly questions his ears.