Sometimes, a bump on the road is the best thing for you.
Two years later, they are still together. Kendall Jenner Devin Booker They have finally called it quits. As for the reason behind behind the pair’s split, a source told CelebHomes News that they faced a challenging time in the weeks after attending Kourtney Kardashian  Travis BarkerTogether at a wedding.
According to an insider, they enjoyed a wonderful time in Italy. But once they came back they felt like their lifestyles were not aligned. Devin asked Kendall if she desired space and freedom.
But, despite their recent breakup, the model and Phoenix Suns player are still on friendly terms. According to the source, “They’ve been in contact since then and still care about each other.” They both want to work together, but they have split.

Kendall and Devin began their relationship in June 2020. This was just six months after the pair first started dating.