You’ve got a text—it’s an exclusive look at Mandy’s first reunion!

Love Island USAIslander brought out emotions in viewers this week. Mady McLanahan decided to leave the Villa, sharing that she hadn’t formed a real connection with anyone in the days after her partner Andy Voyen was dumped from the island.

Mady and Andy have reunited for the first-ever time since Andy’s departure. What was the first thing he said during catch-up “Hello, Ms. Mady. You look beautiful,” the realtor told her while Zooming from his place in Minnesota.

Andy said to her, “It feels like it’s been a while since I last saw you.” Andy said, “It’s surreal to see you now that I have seen you since last time, which was over a week ago.” It’s good. 

Mady just came home at midnight from Oklahoma and was now on the exact same page.