You can forget the birthday card. 

Liam HemsworthHis brother was honored Chris HemsworthHe turned 39 after hilariously trolling his followers on Instagram. The following was posted to Instagram on August 11. Hunger GamesAlum shares a photo of a time when their siblings took part in winter activities. ThorStar ended up with a full beard of snow.

“Happy birthday @chrishemsworth,” Liam captioned the picture. You can’t do anything different. You’re perfect. You are loved.”

Chris may be able to bring Liam back for his birthday, which is January. When Liam turned 32 earlier this year, Chris posted a shirtless photo of his younger brother baring his abs and joked “hopefully this is the year you finally get in shape and take care of yourself,” offering to help by giving him a “family discount” on his fitness app.

And the friendly rivalry isn’t just limited to birthdays. Chris shared a photo of his brothers holding hands last December and joked that it was “always great to interact with my fans.” In 2015, Liam uploaded a photo of him scribbling on Chris’s. Vanity FairCover is a payback to Chris for his doodles Men’s HealthYou can cover the area for a couple of days beforehand.