Abbi and Rosie began having conversations about the show when Abbi started working on it back in 2018.

Abbi stated, “I nervously explained to her what was going on.” She replied, “This will be like a quer version?”. Although I was not fully describing it, it is a kind of queer version. “Well, I wish you all the best with it!”

Whatever hesitancy Rosie might have had at the start was washed away when Abbi eventually asked her to come onboard. 

Abbi shared, “which was so thrilling,” that she reached out to Abbi.

While Abbi said they didn’t want to overload the series with appearances from actors from the original film—which also starred Geena, Tom Hanks, Madonna and Lori Petty—she explained that Rosie’s inclusion meant something on a deeper level.

“Season 1, we didn’t try to do so many cameos. “We just wanted to distinguish the show from film,” Broad City co-creator said. Rosie was the only one who felt truly special, because she is telling many queer stories which weren’t in the movie.