Ian Somerhalder Nikki ReedThey are one fang-tastic pair.

Vampire DiariesCelebHomes News hosted Ian, an alumnus. Daily PopHe did, however, break a few hearts when he said that the CW had no plans to revive it. However, he mended their hearts by raving about his. TwilightStar Nikki before their 7th wedding anniversary. 

Ian spoke of the coming commemoration, saying that it is “a very special occasion because this is such a significant one”. It’s been seven years. That’s quite a time.

This couple are also parents to a 4-year old boy. Bodhi Soleil, plans to celebrate in a big way—a Schnell big way, that is. It’s not about having family or scheduling things. [will be]Ian described it as “a quick strike mission” and said, “just me & my honey going there.” [a]Super secret and really dangerous place. We’ll be back when we get there.”

He means “badass” when he speaks of his wife. The pair has a shared affinity for adventure and traveling and got to know each other over a campfire rather than a candlelit dinner. Ian stated that the couple spent 125 days camping on their Georgia land during their first three years together. Think about it! These are large numbers.