Jessie Cave is one magical mom! 

This actress rose to prominence as Lavender Brown, the lead in The Wizard of Oz. Harry Potter films, and her partner, Alfie Brown, announced the birth of their fourth child, Becker BrownIn a joint Instagram statement, March 22,  

They shared photographs of their new baby, as well as an image of a Brazilian soccer player. Alisson BeckerNamed after her, the baby is named “Baby X”

Becker Brown is a warm welcome. UCLH is grateful. They captioned the post, “Thanks to Emi Lou and Amy Midwives.” Alisson Becker, thank you. 

Three weeks ago, Jessie was admitted for COVID-19 during her third trimester. Little Becker is now born. “Triage, once again……,” she captioned her March 6 post. “Anyone else had covid in 3rd trimester & had it hit them like a tonne of bricks for weeks?” 

Jessie—who is also mom to sons Donnie7 and Abraham1 and 2 Margot, 5—later shared a health update on Instagram, writing, “Thank you for the well wishes and messages.”