“Ms. Bynes contends her condition has improved,” the filing reads, “and protection from the court is no longer necessary.”

Amanda spoke to a trusted source who said the same thing recently, telling CelebHomes News the She’s the Man star—who announced her engagement to boyfriend Paul Michael in 2020—has been “surrounding herself with supportive people and making good, healthy choices for herself,” as well as working toward finishing her bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

“Once the conservatorship is terminated, she’ll be able to get married, live wherever she likes and travel freely wherever she wants to go, among other things,” the insider said. Amanda’s mom believes she knows the truth. She is determined, successful, and is able to handle her everyday life.

Earlier this month, Amanda shared a video message for fans amid the legal proceedings, saying, “I want to thank you all so much for your love and support.”