Emily to be l’objet of Joe’s obsession? 

Enjoy a quick snack of Emily in Paris Season two premiered Dec. 22. So funny, it seems like you can pick up wherever It is possible to‘s third season ends: Both of our beloved leads are at a romantic crossroads…and now in the same city at the same time.

Let’s go back with a few Spoilers: Joe (Penn BadgleyTo find Marianne, his supposed soulmate (Tati Gabrielle). Emily (meanwhile)Lily CollinsLast seen with Gabriel, balancing their budding relationship (Lucas BravoCamille, his ex-girlfriend)Camille Razat).

These two characters may have more in common then a love for hats. Joe is known to carve up lovers and anyone who stands in his way, while Emily is well-known for her slanging skills in French. The American expat couple are both proud to be adulterers. You would think they’d end up married. Well, lucky us, we just spotted an unexpected Easter egg that might make our Netflix crossover dreams come true.