8 Important Ways to Pet-Proof Your House

Are you a pet owner? It is crucial to consider how your pet will impact your home. Dogs are destructive, and can cause destruction by chewing on furniture and leaving footprints all around the home. Whether you’re a celeb pet parent like Oprah or Jennifer Anniston or just an average pet parent, it’s important to pet-proof your house so you can keep your pet safe.

1. Protect Your Electric Wires

Many animals, including dogs, chew on electric cords. They will not be chewed or broken if they are protected. Use something both. durable and waterproofIt is important that the cord cover serves its intended purpose.

2. Get items with off-limits out of reach

Many items may not be allowed in the home, so you need to make them aware. You should not allow your pet to ingest household cleaners and medications. This could lead to side effects, or even death. Make sure toxic chemicals or plants are not placed near your pet’s eyes.

3. You can block access to specific rooms

It is crucial to keep your pet’s access from doors if they chew on or scratch at them. Baby gates and crates are good options. You could also use closed doors or plain old doors. You should also make sure there is no space between the floors where the children can slip and run.

4. Make sure they have plenty of toys so that they are always entertained

Animals are just as susceptible to boredom as people. It is essential to give your pet plenty of toys and other entertainment to keep them busy. It will keep your pet from getting into trouble and provide them with something to do and stimulate their minds. To keep your child entertained, rotate toys often.

5. Slipcovers to Cover Furniture

Pet owners may find it beneficial to adopt pets. cover your furnitureYou can protect the furniture with slipcovers. They are very useful when you have leather or wood furniture which may be scratched by the pet’s saliva and nails. Slipcovers are available online in a variety of styles that can fit almost any piece of furniture. It is important to ensure there are not sharp edges around furniture. This could cause injuries if your pet decides to play on or take a break. To give your pet a soft spot to rest, you can place old towels over furniture.

6. If you have cats, avoid plastic furniture

While cats are an extremely common pet that you will find in most homes, their curious nature makes them a great choice for anyone who wants to have one. Plastic furniture is not recommended. You might find your cat more at ease scratching plastic than on expensive leather couches. Make sure they don’t slip in the small spaces and end up trapped. This could cause them injury if they try to escape.

7. Instead of using bags and boxes, choose bowls

It is vital to stop your pet from playing with plastic bags or boxes. They could chew on the bag and inhale it, potentially leading to an intestinal obstruction. Plastic shopping bags can also be used as trash bags. Your pet might become curious about them, and may tear them apart.

8. You must ensure that all toxic substances are out of your reach

You should keep toxic household materials out of the reach of pets. Although most items aren’t likely to cause harm, some can have side effects, such as diarrhea and vomiting, particularly if they are ingested in large quantities by cats. You should keep harmful chemicals out of the reach of pets.

These are some tips to help you pet-proof your home and ensure your dog is happy and safe. These simple tips will help you keep your pet safe and prevent costly repairs.