Lance Bass & Vivica A. Fox Used To Date?!

Vivica A. FoxAnd Kenya MooreThese are Finally on good terms—but achieving peace wasn’t easy. 

Fox spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News about Aug. 23: “It has been a long wait.” This was 10 years of beef.

They clashed during a match on 14 season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2014, but even when the show wrapped, they continued to trade verbal blows from afar. Fox was still not ready to forget and forgive even in 2020. Cocktails With QueensPodcast about reconciliation: The Real Housewives of Atlanta star. 

Thankfully, all of that changed when the two ran into each other one fateful day at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. Fox stated that Moore wanted to make an apology, but she did so privately. Fox stated that Moore later appeared on Fox’s podcast six months later. There, Moore publicly admitted to having broken up.

Fox expressed concern about Moore’s 3-year old daughter. Brooklyn. She was just so beautiful and came to me. We just hugged and got up, then it was like, “Girl let’s move on.”