Is it Kristin CavallariDo you want to have more children?

With a pen in her hand (er, rather a phone for an Instagram Stories Q&A), The HillsStar revealed the truth. And it is…unwritten. 

The mom said, “I don’t want to have more.” Camden, 10, Jaxon8 and SaylorIn response to a question from a fan, 6 year old – “But if someone had children, I’d have another.” 

After all, Kristin—who shares her kids with ex Jay Cutler—can’t believe how fast their little ones are growing.

“They’re so good,” she wrote to another follower. We’re keeping busy because Saylor is riding horses and the boys play soccer. These boys are so much fun! They are in the 4th, 3rd, and 1st grades. It is time for me to get out of this mess.

Kristin said that she hadn’t been in a relationship for “the past couple of months.” However, Kristin is ready to get back on the dating scene.

“I have phases,” she said. For a brief time, I was a dating machine (which was great fun). But then, I stopped putting my energy into guys. However, now I feel ready to return out there.