If you have recently purchased a fixer-upper property and are baffled as to where you should start, it is best to start from the outside and work your way in. However, certain home upgrades will have a much more notable impact than others, which is why you should first focus on upgrading to make your shabby purchase liveable. Once you are able to move in and get settled, you will be able to determine which areas of the home require more work. 

A New Exterior

Assuming your soon-to-be dream home does not possess any concerning structural issues, you should first focus on crafting a beautiful vibrant exterior before working on the interior of your home. Fixing up the outside won’t cost all that much as you may generally only need a new coat of quality paint and yard work. However, it is always best to opt for the professional assistance of a house painter near Mesa AZ or in your local area as the slight extra send will promise high-quality paint and expert application. When it comes to your yard, opting for a breathtaking landscaping design that will compliment your home’s exterior will also maximize property value by enhancing curb appeal substantially. Your roof is also a significant part of your home’s exterior, so it would be wise to consider whether roof replacement is necessary before starting on the inside of your home.

Replace Flooring 

The flooring in fixer-upper homes is generally one of the most visually displeasing factors that drop property price. What’s more, ripping out old dusty carpets and removing cracked tiles to install wooden flooring will drastically boost property value. What’s more, wood flooring is one of the most elegant flooring choices. Alternatively, you could opt for out of box tiling that remains constant throughout your home as ensuring design flow is a popular interior design trick that increases visual space. Once you have tended to the floors, a fresh coat of interior paint is likely a great idea.

The Bathroom And The Kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom will likely require a more considerable spend in comparison to other areas of a home. However, you may be able to save in the bathroom by only replacing faucets and fittings rather than replacing everything, although, this is only a suitable solution if fixtures are in good condition. When it comes to your kitchens makeover, you may be able to maintain the same approach to save a bit on your budget. Your kitchen may also need a charming lighting plan to optimize beauty and function.

Plumbing And Electrical

Before moving in, it would be wise to have your property assesses by professionals to ensure there are no concerning electrical or plumbing issues that will later become extremely costly or concerningly dangerous. Even if you assume there aren’t any visible issues, and the consultation would be an unnecessary cost, you should still consider that many worrisome plumbing and electrical issues are not apparent.