If you’re gearing up for summer like we are, you may be asking yourself what items you’ll need to make sure this pool season is as epic and memorable as possible.  Aside from making sure you have a great squad of fun-loving friends, you’re going to need the essentials.  Tasty drinks, designer shades, and the best outdoor poolside décor available.  If you’re really going to go hard this summer, you need to make sure you have the best pool floats available.  And with pool floats, you can never have too many.  There is a pool float for every theme, mood, and party, and with so many options, you’ll want to have as many as possible in your summer arsenal.  Here’s a look at some of the best pool float options available this summer.   

  • The oversized lounge pool float.  The most popular of pool floats has got to be the oversized lounger.   Nothing is more comfortable in or out of the water.  This baby is ergonomically inflated to ensure you get the best, most relaxing float available.  It’s also the perfect float for getting a killer summer tan.  Its curved design makes it comfortable for lying on your back or stomach.  Additionally, you can park this float on the sand or poolside too, if you don’t feel like getting wet.  
  • Transportation themed floats.  Some of the most enjoyable pool floats around are ones shaped like planes, trains, and automobiles; well, at least planes and automobiles.  There are also some sweet water sport options like water ski-doo’s and air-filled yachts.  If you really want to go big or go home, the private jet themed pool float will have you feeling sky-high. Be your own personal pilot op this winged beauty.  Another fun option is car shaped floats.  What girl (or guy) doesn’t want a chance to lounge around in a retro convertible?  Transportation themed pool floats are great for theme parties as well.
  • Animal themed pool floats.  Loved by pool parties and land sharks alike, animal-themed pool floats are a force to be reckoned with.  They dominate pool parties with their iconic, noticeable colors and shapes.  Whether you choose a mythical unicorn, a glittery, flamboyant pink flamingo, or a subtly loud white swan, your partygoers will love climbing atop these fun floats and posing for pictures.  They’re also great for the younger crowd and a hit at birthday parties.  
  • Classic inner tube pool floats. Don’t call it a comeback, classic round inner tubes have been around since floats started floating, but they’ve now gotten an updated look.  From animal prints, jungle theme plants, bright colors, to food, there’s an inner tube style for everyone.  And because they are generally less expensive than larger floats, it’s entirely possible to stock up on a dozen of these for your next pool party.  If you prefer something a little edgier than the inner tube, try a pair of floating lips.  At approximately the same size as the classic inner tube pool float, bright red and pink lip floats make a louder statement and are still budget-friendly enough to be purchased two or three at a time.
  • Multi-Person pool floats.  What could be more fun than a pool float for you and all your besties?  Today’s biggest and flashiest floats are large enough to fit everyone for relaxing conversation or drinks at the end of a long day.  Your crowd will love hanging in a giant float whether at a pool or at the beach.

Your summer pool parties can be fantastic if you know how to plan them.  Part of the fun will be amassing as many pool floats as possible while still having room to swim!  When it comes to awesome party pool floats, you can truly never have too many.