Sometimes simplicity is the best option. This bottle has one ingredient, the highest-quality, cold pressed, pure, organic, Argan Oil. Because it is so versatile, this oil should be a necessity. 

To treat your split ends and reduce flyaway hairs, apply it to your hair. Apply it to your cuticles and nails. Apply it to dry skin for moisturizing, firming, and nourishment. This can be used multiple times per day. It’s worth buying two if you can afford them at half the price.

I use it on my fingers and hands. Ulta customer shared that her very dry and sensitive skin is treated with this moisturizer.

Another person complimented the oil by saying that it had “saved” her hair. She added, “My long, thick hair was fried in a poor salon experience.” Since my hair was previously healthy, it has become very dry and damaged. The oil is amazing! I added it to my ends along with a conditioner and shampoo that repairs. It was so soft and silky! You could make me weep. I will be able to get through this growing process much quicker.