19. Talking about the movie The Lizzie McGuire MovieIt was a huge success and debuted at No. It was No. 2 in the box office hinter X2 – X-Men UnitedIt went on to earn over $50 Million.

20. Miranda, who was M.I.A. to many fans was eliminated from the movie. In some episodes, Miranda was absent due to her extended family vacation. However, Lalaine decided that she wanted to concentrate on her music career.

21. Duff was a teenager idol because of her role as Lizzie. Many were surprised that she decided to quit acting. Duff shared this information in an interview with PrideSource 2015 about the decision.

Everyone thought that I was crazy because I was so successful and made a lot. It was frightening because I didn’t know if my career would continue. It was something I needed. As a child, I was in the limelight and on tours and everyone knew me well. One day I felt like I wasn’t sure if I was that person any more and didn’t have time to research it. 

She said she was uncomfortable being called Lizzie McGuire at times. However, she explained that it was something she loved during filming. The show would be a huge success. I didn’t realize how successful it would become, so after the filming was done, Lizzie McGuire was still Lizzie McGuire and this was really annoying. But it isn’t. I don’t care now.”