Over the years, ANTMWinners have been awarded modeling contracts, beauty packages, and fashion spreads.

20-years-old protagonists of the show were introduced during Season 24. Kyla ColemanNext Model Management signed the winner and earned a spread of fashion. PaperPantene awarded a $100,000 cash prize to the winner of this magazine

But according to other reality TV contestants, this level of minimal pay appears to be the norm in the industry.

In July: Big Brother‘s Elena DaviesThe show’s 19th season featured a contestant named Cathy, who revealed just how rich she was during her time on it.

She said that she was paid a weekly stipend during an interview. Bachelorette‘s Jason Tartick‘s Dear Media podcast How to Trade Secrets. “$1,000 per week, [for]You can film as long as it takes. If you’re the first to be sent home, and only spend six hours filming, then you will get 1,000.

She explained that technically, she filmed the whole season. She explained, “So I was paid for the whole 13-week stipend.”

Elena stated that she was awarded $5,000 over her weekly earnings.