Colton UnderwoodThe truth is out.

Six episodes total of The Assassins. BachelorNew star-produced docuseries Coming Out Colton premiered on Netflix Wednesday, Dec. 1, and they are shedding a whole new light on everything that has happened in the past few years, including his shocking breakup from Cassie Randolph

The show is supported and guided by an Olympic skier. Gus KenworthyThe gay figure, Colton, was also publicly outed in 2015. Colton, Gus, and their friends discuss what it is like to belong to the LGBTQ+ community. This group was once something that Colton used to be afraid of. 

Colton may be trying to rebuild his reputation by highlighting the homophobia that he saw in his youth, which has drawn some criticism. Colton is still trying to make sense of himself.

He recently shared this story with us. The New York Times“Maybe, at the conclusion of these six episode, people still don’t understand.” But I tried my best to correct the mistakes.