Marvel Fans, Maria Hill has returned as your holiday gift. 

We have been officially granted our wishes! On Dec. 1, Deadline announced that Cobie Mulders will be reuniting with Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury, as she reprises her role as Hill on Marvel’s upcoming mini-series, Secret Invasion. This follows Smulders depiction of Hill in Civil War Captain America,Spider-Man Far from Home and every Avengers film.

Skrull Tlos will also be featured at the comic crossover event. Ben MendelsohnThe first time viewers met him in Captain Marvel. According to streamer, “The crossover comic series features a faction of form-shifting Skrulls that have infiltrated Earth for many years.”

Also, the star-studded drama about adventure, which will premiere in 2022, is a celebrity-filed production. Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Christopher McDonald, Kingsley Ben-AdirAnd Killian Scott.

Colman, Clare Cobie? We need a spare seat In the theatreOn the sofa!