Tyler Perry is making his stance on the Will SmithChris Rock slapping incident very clear.

After that shocking 2022 Oscars moment, Perry was photographed talking to Smith and placing his hand on his shoulder. And at a June 13 lecture with Gayle King at New York’s Tribeca Festival, the director clarified he wasn’t taking anyone’s side. He stated, “Perseverance is everything.” DeadlineIt is important to understand that there are two types of comforting: deescalating or comforting.

Perry said that Rock had been a good friend and that Perry wanted to know if Rock is OK. “I took the opportunity to leave early in order to check on Chris. It was simply wrong, so I ensured that I told Will.”

Perry looked back on that moment and said Smith won the Best Actor for a Leading Role award. King RichardThe night was “devastated.” 

He couldn’t believe it happened” MadeaStar reportedly was added. It was unbelievable to him. “He couldn’t believe he did it. This is your night….And to get all this way to winning an Oscar. This was the moment he longed to have as it was his crowning moment in life.