The grandfather clock is getting more louder already.

New photos by Stranger Things: Volume 2The crew is preparing for the showdown against Vecna who has killed many Hawkins High students. These images are the first glimpses of the children, who are spread across the country fighting all forms of evil. Will?Noah SchnappJonathan,Charlie HeatonMikeFinn WolfhardArgyle and ArgyleEduardo FrancoThe crew remain on the west coast of warm, sunny California while they evade Hawkins.

Joyce comes next.Winona Ryder), Hopper (David HarbourMurrayBrett GelmanDmitri and ).Tom Wlaschiha() are searching for an escape from the snowy and barren lands of Russia. Good news: They share the same goal, while the negative news is that they are locked in the Russian prison together with the demogorgons. 

This is all to say that someone will probably die. Volume 2. Writer Ross Duffer Submitted VarietyIt is clear that everyone is in danger. There’s a dreadful feeling in the air that things may not turn out well.