Tyler James WilliamsOne person is to be credited for the return of him on sitcoms: Quinta Brunson.

CelebHomes News has an exclusive conversation with the following: Abbott ElementaryStar shared with us that he was not looking for another gig on a network comedy show after his time at OnStar. Everyone Hates ChrisHe was in the title role on the sitcom from 2005 through 2009. Per Williams, he had “veered away” from that style of TV in recent years, instead exploring more serious roles on The Walking Dead And Beyond Borders: Criminal minds.

“A lot of times with network comedies, it can get very broad,” he shared, “and, like, you’d have to pull a joke out of your ass every now and then. That’s exactly what I try to avoid.”

But, after clicking with Brunson following an appearance on HBO’s Sketch Show by A Black Lady, Williams was ready to return to his sitcom roots with Abbott Elementary. Quinta said “What made me come back to this?” “When she stated, “We’re gonna make the process authentic and grounded so that you shine and do your best work, which is what I was looking for.”