It took. Amy SchumerThere is no better way to have fun than this: Liam Neeson.

In a recent Instagram post, Amy saw the chance—and took it—to troll Liam after he admitted he “fell in love” with a “taken” woman while filming his new movie Blacklight.

An image of the movie was posted by the actress Daily MailHe teased his star with a headline. He suggested that this might be his next film’s premise, and she wrote “Taken 4?” @dailymail.” 

Fans and followers loved the pun. 

A user said, “Not taken 4 Amy.” 

Another added: “Well, if there’s one thing we know about Liam neeson it’s the fact that he will not rest until he wins her back.” 

After Liam had told Australia about the hilarious joke, SunriseHe said he loved filming in Melbourne. “They had great senses of humor.” “I made some friends, and fell in love with her once I was there.”

It wasn’t just the mystery Melbourne woman that Liam loved about this experience. Liam spoke out in an interview. SunriseBefore filming, he had to go back into quarantine.