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Are you looking to elevate your eye makeup? Perhaps you want to make 2022 a year of shining. We’ve got a bold beauty trend that’s already taking over the internet and it’s one EuphoriaFans are probably familiar with. 

Pinterest has released their 2022 predictions. “Be Jeweled,” a beauty trend, is predicted to dominate the beauty industry. This look “brings the glamour to all things.” It also includes crystal eye make-up, which was worn by Sydney Sweeney‘s Cassie and Alexa Demie‘s Maddy. You can also rock the look by putting rhinestones on your manicure and pedicure or sporting a tooth gem. The trick is to find creative ways you can use rhinestones, gems, and crystals throughout your body.

How do you feel about trying the Euphoria-inspired crystal eye makeup look or you just want to put some gemstones on your nails, we’ve rounded up some products you’ll need to perfect the bejeweled trend. You can see them all below.