The highest of highs and the lowest of lows—a.k.a. Your 20s.

This decade is defined by feelings of anxiety and self-doubt as well as overconfidence and uncertainty. Thankfully, it’s a ride that everyone boards—meaning there’s a barrage of films, songs, books and TV shows that are all too relatable for anyone feeling the weight (or enjoying the freedom!) It’s a normal part of being 20.

Peacock’s is one of the latest. What I Learn About LoveA new series of books inspired by Dolly Alderton‘s memoir of the same name. Set in a house-share in London in 2012, the show follows childhood BFFs Maggie and Birdy, along with their university pals Amara and Nell, as they navigate bad dates, career woes, loss and heartbreak—all while partying as much as possible.

Maggie was Maggie the wild child. Emma AppletonPut it in What I Learn About LoveTrailer for ‘We are in this rough, golden phase that is so brief-lived!”