This moniker can be described as a “slam dunk.”

After one month Tristan ThompsonIt was confirmed that he had been a father to a child.Maralee NicksThe name of their son has been released Theo Thompson.

CelebHomes News has verified that Theo was actually born Dec. 1 in Santa Monica, Calif. According to their birth certificate. Maralee appears to be the mother. Tristan does not appear as the father.

The same month Theo was born, Maralee filed a lawsuit against the NBA player, in which she noted the baby was conceived in March while Tristan—who was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time—was in Texas celebrating his 30th birthday. Maralee shared more details about their relationship in a statement exclusive to CelebHomes. She said that Tristan told her he was single, and they were co-parenting. Tristan was with a woman I didn’t know.

In an Instagram Story, Tristan apologized for Khloe the next month. True Thompson, 3, with. (He also has son Prince5. With ex Jordan Craig.)