This speaker is not only what I rely on. You can read some glowing reviews left by other satisfied customers. 

Long-time customer said, “Guys. I owned the first gen and it lasted seven years !!!!.” It was so exciting to get this unit. The battery has remained charged after five swimming sessions. It also reads 100 %… at this point. It is very convenient and wonderful. Although it was twice the price of the previous one, it is well worth it.”

A fan said that she used the device several times per week for approximately 90 minutes, and it has not been charged yet. It was fine in the tub. To listen to morning meetings, I use the device in my shower. It has good sound quality. Siri’s voice control is not working. There was a delay in the response time. Otherwise I am very happy with my purchase.

An Amazon shopper raved about using this one wet outdoor conditions, explaining, “I have 2 of these one it for work the other is for home and I gotta say they’re worth every penny I’ve worked in the rain and mud with this one and it’s been ran over and dropped more times than I can count. You can still use it as well.”

This speaker was purchased to be used in my bathroom to listen to podcasts and music while I shower. This speaker is perfect for the job. The volume is strong enough to fill the whole bathroom, and the sound quality is excellent. The speaker does not sound small or distorted, even at high volumes. This speaker is water-resistant, I can use it in the shower for months with no problems. It is very easy to connect Bluetooth and has not failed me one time. It is extremely sturdy for its small size and has a great build quality. The construction is strong and there are no wobbly or loose parts. Amazon customer: “The battery life is great for the purpose I use it for.”

JBL customers have a long tradition of carrying a portable radio with them to Volleyball Courts on the beaches. The radio was bulky and took up much of the room. It was heavy and took up a lot of space. Last year I changed to a smaller bluetooth speaker. However, it did not have enough power, and the battery died after two hours. This year I purchased the Clip 3 with 1000mAh and turned it on for three hours. This little package makes a great sound and clips easily to a net or beach umbrella. “I couldn’t have been happier.”

I love the speaker. The speaker is very portable, and it sounds amazing. The waterproof features held up well to testing on my kayak at the lake. It’s great,” an Amazon customer wrote.

Another shopper said, “I have been in speakers for over 20 years and I am also an I.T. expert.” The speaker is amazing for the price and what it does. The speaker is great for audiobooks. I can listen on my phone to it. The sound is crystal clear with a great bass. This deep, rich, and complex voice can be difficult to reproduce. Listening to audiobooks can take up to 15 hours, or even more. It was way better than I expected!

One person said, “We brought one of these speakers on vacation to the Bahamas. The battery was fully charged for 11 days while we were in Bahamas. It survived in the ocean, sand and pool. You could hear the sound loud enough that you could overhear a twin-engine boat gliding across the ocean waves. Two more speakers were purchased for my home, one each for the bathroom as well as one for our swimming pool. This little speaker sounds twice as good as the Bose soundlink color I used outside near our pool. Excellent product.

“I love the portable speaker. It was brought to Hawaii by me and I played it at the pool. It floats and can be thrown in water. I was curious so I decided to take it with me. A fan raved about the clip feature.