You can get back together after a breakup. Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly have again gone their separate ways.

A source exclusively tells CelebHomes News it’s “100 percent over” between the Daily Show hostAnd the actress and that “they’ve been broken up for a while.”

As for the reason behind the split, it seems like Trevor and Minka just weren’t on the same page. Insiders share that Minka is disappointed. The insider shares, “They kept going in circles but ended up in the exact same place.” The plan didn’t work. 

It looks like the comedian is getting back out there, as the source said Trevor is dating. 

Fans first learned of his romance with the Friday Night Lights star in August 2020. CelebHomes News was told by a source that they had been together for several months and were now living together. The source also said the couple were getting serious. 

While Trevor and Minka kept details of their relationship private, they were spotted out on the occasional date night and a source told CelebHomes News in January 2021 that they were “very much in love.”