Matt wrote a statement to Instagram after the publication of his article clarifying the remarks he made in it. Matt assumed the post was going be “a celebration.” [Taylor’s]”Life and Work” 

His part read: “My quotations were taken out-of-context and made into a narrative that I never intended.” Taylor was dearly loved and an artist of the highest caliber. He is missed by me. Taylor, Dave and all the Foo Fighters family members are in my deepest affection and respect. “I am deeply sorry that I participated in this interview. My participation could have been detrimental to the people for whom I hold deepest admiration and respect.” 

Those sentiments were similarly echoed by Chad in his own Instagram post. Chad wrote that Taylor had once said to him “I can’t do it this way anymore”.

“I was asked by Rolling Stone to share some memories of our time together, which I thought was going to be the loving tribute he deserved,” Chad said. The story was misleading and sensationalized, which I would not have accepted if I knew. For any inconvenience this caused, I sincerely apologize to Taylor’s family and his musical friends. Taylor is my best friend.