In Australia, sports legends, radio hosts, and TV reality hosts were among those people who were selling houses in the year 2019 at a high price. Do you want to know at how much most of the celebs have sold their properties? Read through to find out.

Ralph Carr

Management expert Ralph Carr managed to sell his beautiful five-bedroom mansion that is in Hawthorne in Melbourne. The price was undisclosed, although the starting price was 10-11Million Dollars. 

They managed to close the deal in October after being in the market for almost 200 days. The huge mansion has a marble wet bedroom, a media room, and three separate living areas.

Michael Wipfli

Back in June, Michael Wipfli and his wife sold their luxury home located in Sydney. They sold it at a whopping price of $2.4 million. The house has been renovated recently and has four bedrooms. 

It has hardwood floors, a modern kitchen; the windows are from the floor to ceiling. It also has a prolific outdoor entertainment area. The home is located a few minutes from Sydney’s Centennial Park.

Danni Minogue

Danni left the house that they used to share with her ex-boyfriend Kris Smith. The home was worth over $2.5 million at an auction. It is in Melbourne.

The four- bedrooms house has a sleek stone kitchen open areas meant for the family. It has a swimming pool and a garden oasis.

In its upstairs level, there are four bedrooms, an en suite, and a large dressing room. The kitchen is on the first floor. The house also has a powder room, a garden oasis, and a tropical-inspired pool.

George and Joanna Burges

The couple and their children ditched Australia in November 2019. It was after George Sydney signed a three-year contract with Wigan Warriors, the UK. The house was worth over $3million.

The property in Randwick has a panoramic view of the beach. It features a vast outdoor pool with thousands of natural light. The house was bought by buyers advocate some days after they moved abroad.

The house has unbeatable views of the Sydney Skyline that are visible from the beautiful pool area. There is a lovely pool with wooden decking and an eating section fit for summer barbecues.

The impressive three –bedroom split level dwelling unit is in a new block of eight apartments located near Coo gee beach.

The master bedroom opens to its private balcony and has gorgeous beige and some brown tones that make it feel light and airy.

Krissy March

She sold her lavish double bay apartment located in Double Bay, Sydney, after it was in the market for six months. The apartment had three bedrooms, expensive outdoor and indoor sitting areas with a natural source of light. 

Each bedroom has a private en suite and access to balconies; it also has a full-width terrace. The apartment was sold for 4.2$ million.

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