celebrity mansion

When you think of a mansion belonging to a celebrity you think of a home having every single feature one could dream of. After all, money is typically not an issue, so if it can be thought of, it can be made a reality.

There really are no limits when it comes to what can be done to a home, especially a large one with available space to create themed rooms and anything that can be envisioned.

So, what are some of the features that all celebrity homes need to have in 2020? This is something fun to think of, so let’s dive right into it.

An Ultimate Game and Movie Room

A home movie room that also acts as a game room, complete with video games and arcade games is the ultimate dream for many. You can be a big kid forever with one of these rooms.

Make sure you have a laptop in the game room, because if you want to wager on games or events you can pull up some free horse racing bets to make it a little more interesting.

To really make it stand out, you can also add a full on bar, complete with a tap system and you can even put in actual stools and mount TVs on the wall to create a real-life experience.

iPad Home Control

There is a lot of new technology available today, and there are systems that allow you to control an entire home from an iPad. This is a must have for any celebrity home these days.

From controlling the pool and spa temperature to locking and unlocking the doors, it’s very convenient. You can also monitor the home security system from an app, allowing the owner to check in and watch video feeds from all over the house, even while away.

A Chill Room

With no limitations, a chill room is doable, complete with soundproof walls, a nice relaxing water wall that omits a relaxing drip sound of running water, along with relaxing candle scents.

Maybe a hookah area if you are into that, as well as a supply of CBD oil always available to keep you relaxed. You could even make it even more relaxing by laying out large beanbag chairs and installing a library complete with books to constantly select from.

Custom Master Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most popular rooms, next to the kitchen, so a over the top master bedroom is always a must have feature.

No matter what features you need in the master, you can find a contractor to make it a reality. Do you want a raised area for the bed? A sitting room that features large windows to let all the sun in?

Let’s also not forget about the master closet. Some of the closets found in celebrity homes are bigger than come apartments, with room for all of the clothes and accessories imaginable.

Another trend now in the master bedroom is having a large movie screen that drops from the ceiling, allowing for movies in bed on a screen that is as large as the walls. It makes one never want to leave bed.