A messy and overcrowded home may sound innocent and normal to you, but it can actually cause you stress. Have you experienced looking for your car keys or a particular dress you’d want to wear for an event but couldn’t find them when you needed them the most? That’s because your home or your room must have been filled with too much stuff. Collecting too many things at once can only overcrowd your home, making it look more disorganized, messy, and full of clutter. 

In fact, clutter can even affect the quality of your sleep and will only cause anxiety. The thought of sleeping in a messy and cluttered room will keep your brain awake. By doing a few simple housekeeping chores, you can turn your home into a more spacious and organized space. However, is cleaning enough? How about the overflowing stuff you’ve collected in your home? Read on below for more ideas on clearing out your home from too much stuff.

  1. Start By Organizing Your Clothes

This is all too familiar: One of the leading causes of your late or delayed appointments is your messy wardrobe. It takes too much of your time looking for that particular outfit you’ve been thinking of wearing, but can’t find it. That’s because your clothes are all mixed up in the wrong places, making it harder to find your things.  

Start by separating your clean clothes from the dirty ones. Put the dirty ones in your laundry basket instead of leaving them on the floor or putting them close to your wardrobe. Scattered clothes will only cause clutter in your room which is stressful to look at. As for the clean clothes, fold them nicely before putting them back in your wardrobe and drawers. Always remember that a well-organized closet is the key to getting out of your door quickly.  

  1. Donate The Things You Don’t Need

With too much stuff you’ve been keeping in your home, it’s impossible that you’re using all of them at once. For the stuff that you don’t anymore need, why not donate them for charity instead? Not only can you help other people in need, but this can also clear out your home. If you have old sports equipment from high school that you don’t anymore use, donate it. There are plenty of places to donate sports equipment, and you get to help the community while clearing out your home at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. 

Aside from sports equipment, you can also donate your used clothes or even baby items. Maybe you’ve also kept boxes of old baby clothes and toys of your children in the storage room. Keeping these things that aren’t usable can also cause congestion in your home and storage room. So, instead of throwing them, you can donate them to charity and help those babies in need.

  1. Get Rid Of The Shoes You Don’t Wear

Face it; it’s kind of impractical that you only have one pair of feet yet you own many pairs of shoes. Maybe some of the pairs you own don’t fit you anymore, or you just never wear them because you don’t feel like wearing them at all. There may be times when you’re not aware that you’re already hoarding things. Maybe you’re familiar with the feeling that you don’t want to get rid of something because you fear that you may need it in the future. Hence, items end up piling up in your room as a mess.  

To help you declutter, go over your shoes and see which ones are actually useful for you and which ones aren’t. Once you’ve separated them, you’ll realize how many shoes you’ve been hoarding all this time. This signifies that it’s time to let go of these shoes and give them up for donation.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Aside from getting rid of your old clothes and shoes, maybe it’s time to get rid of the unnecessary furniture you have in your home as well. Take a look at your interior design or furniture and see which ones you think are no longer visually appealing or consuming too much space in your home. Freeing up your home from unnecessary furniture can really help in making your home look bigger and feel better.

Wrapping Up

Besides regularly cleaning your home, clearing out and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need can help reorganize and improve your home’s atmosphere. A clean and decluttered home can ensure stress-free living for you and your family. Plus, giving away your old stuff for a good cause can also give you a sense of fulfillment and make you feel good.