Imagine living in a clean, clutter-free house where everything is easy to find, and the air is flowing easily. According to Psychology Today, people feel like they have lost control when surrounded by too many things. While a clean and well-organized house gives you peace, a messy one can drive you up the wall.

How to declutter and create more space

1.     Take it one room at a time

Decluttering and organizing your house is not a one day job. You have to divide it into achievable goals that will keep you motivated. Taking one room at a time will ensure you do a thorough job without getting overwhelmed. You can give yourself two or three hours on a Saturday morning to transform that room once and for all. Also, consider taking everything out of their space. It will allow you to wipe the drawers, line everything up and sort the mess into batches, which is our third point.

3.     Sort stuff into two batches

The point of decluttering is to get rid of as much stuff as you can. Think anything you haven’t used in a year or things that don’t add value to your house anymore. According to The Home Blog, things like CDs, DVDs, and VHS are last century as sentimental as they are, so get rid of them. An excellent sorting system comes with two boxes; keep and toss. Some people add a third box for maybe, but that is just delaying the inevitable. Put everything you are not using in the toss box so you can sell them or give them away and organize what you still need nicely back to their spaces.

4.     Have an organization system

Hopefully, you have tossed about half of the stuff in that room, so there is plenty of storage space. Now you have to create an organization system to help you find things more easily. For instance, place the items you often use on the front or in the lower spaces where it’s easier to reach them. The stuff you don’t use daily can go a bit up or behind but not too far. As a rule, unless it’s obvious what something is, you should put labels on them for the sake of others. 

5.     Always put things back where they belong

How did things get so messy in the first place? It’s probably because nobody was putting things back where they belong. It’s going to be a process to teach family members to put back shoes on the shoe rack instead of throwing them on the floor or hang their coats when they come home. This is why you must involve them in the cleaning process so they can feel your pain.The benefits of decluttering and organizing your home go beyond just having a clean house. A clean, well-organized space increases your productivity and enhances your mental and physical wellbeing. With these steps, you can begin a journey to an immaculate home that everyone will admire.