Savannah GuthrieThis week, you can work from home.

The Today host confirmed she tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, Jan. 10, joking to co-host Hoda Kotb that they are “trading places.”

Savannah stated, “I am working at home. You’re in the studio.” You have negative COVID test, but I was just positive. Here we are!

Savannah said Savannah has “sniffles”, but otherwise feels good.

Hoda shared her diagnosis on Jan. 6 and has since received two negative tests. She was unable to speak at the time she made her diagnosis. tweeted“Thx for the well wishes!” It feels good.. I can’t wait to meet you all once I get in the clear. Xo.”

Savannah and Hoda were the most recent celebrities to be diagnosed with the coronavirus over the past week. Late nightHost Seth Meyers cancelled last week’s shows after receiving a positive test, while the Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon He shared with us that he had tested positive during the holiday season.