It’s something that you should always have in your medication cabinet. The SOS Spray acts as nature’s natural antiseptic and tea tree. The ideal companion for travel, it’s powerful and effective in treating aching feet, cut/scrapes and bites. This can be applied directly to your skin to deodorize and purify it.

One customer said, “I started using this product over a red shingle it felt was coming. It relieved my discomfort and the itching. After the shower, my heavy underarm sweat and bad smell stopped. Two times a week was enough for me. The spray does a great job and there was no dryness to my skin.

One said that this was “Absolutely the best!” When I got a pimple while on the Crystal cruise, they immediately treated it! I was referred to it by my cruise company. It is amazing and can be used for all kinds of things, even insect bites.