Jill stated, “I’ve been with this show for 13 year,” “and our viewers, yep, we share good things.” For a family of people to be strong, they must also share the hard times.

Continuing to spread awareness, she emphasized that fibroids are “fixable.”  

Jill stated, “Historically, people believed that hysterectomy was the only choice… so you deal it and you treat the pain,” Jill shared. She also explained how she saw her body. It was impossible for me to feel or look like me. And the thought of not being able to carry children—although that’s not in my plan right now—wasn’t an option for me.”

She said, “And so that to be exposed to those other options so many women don’t know about,” and “is why we’re sharing this.”

You can read more about Jill’s life here.

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